Repurposing Christmas Cards Into Gift Tags

Having trouble parting with your beautiful collection of Holiday Cards you received this year?

Repurpose them into pretty package Gift Tags! This way, you can enjoy the lovely designs again next year, while saving money on at least some of that pricey gift wrap.

First, pick the prettiest, shiniest, and boldest cards from those you received. Or, pick them all. Depending on how many gifts you give each year, you may not need them all.

Next, clip, cut, and chop them up, strategically using the designs on each card to create multiple shapes and sizes for your new Gift Tags. Then, use a hole punch to add a hole for the ribbon or string.

Finally, add string or ribbon (I used a slip knot) so they can be easily attached to your gifts next year!

Have you tried this Christmas Craft or others for recycling or repurposing pretty things for the Holidays? Please leave a comment below and share your ideas!

Peace, Love, and Beauty,Jodi


Shop Small

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New Art Exhibit - Winter 2016


Now appearing at the Hearth Gallery in San Marcos Community Center.
1 Civic Center Dr. 
San Marcos,CA 92069

View my new collection of florals, along with artwork from other local artists. 
Now through December 31,2016

Visit the Current Exhibits tab above to find out more. 

Peace, Love, and Beauty,


Pretty Side-Swept Bridal Hairstyle

side updo
Pretty Wedding Hair for a special lady. 
This bride had a gorgeous open-backed gown (not shown here), so we went with the side swept do

Tools I used: 3/4" Curling Iron and Kenra Volume 25 Hairspray. 

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Peace, Love and Beauty, 


Art About Israel

Our recent trip to Israel was exciting and a visual wonderland. From the ancient architecture to the recently unearthed ruins, my eyes didn't know where to focus! Truly a gift for this photog and creative. Here a just a few of my favorites from the trip...

Messages in stone. 
Street Art
Fresco at Masada

So much beauty in Israel. Artwork everywhere, from sculptures to paintings, to images carved in stone, all of Israel is an artist's visual playground. I will be posting more in the days to come.

Peace, Love, and Beauty,



Beauty Product Travel Tips - How to Pack a Lighter Cosmetic Bag

Planning a trip and need to pack light?

If you plan to travel with only your carry-on, chances are you'll want to save room for clothes, not shampoo bottles. Weight matters just as much as room does.

Here are a few tips to ease the packing space dilemma on your next adventure.

1.  Have you collected those tiny shampoos and lotions that hotel rooms offer? Use them. They are a bit smaller than the travel containers usually found in the toothpaste isle at your neighborhood store. These are not always professional quality, but sometimes you will get lucky, like I did with this Paul Mitchell product. 

2.  Ask your stylist for foil sample packets of your favorite shampoos and conditioners. (If you are like me, you won't want to take chances with your hair :)) Chances are they will also have samples of styling products in foil packets. Pros usually get samples when they purchase their salon supplies. They are all professional quality products and foil packets pack down real cozy in your cosmetic travel bag.

3.  Plan ahead when purchasing hairspray and cosmetics. Grab the travel sized version while you're making your regular purchase and put it in your travel case.

4. Consolidate products - Choose a BB or CC Cream in place of a sunblock AND  a foundation. Just make sure it says Broad Spectrum sun protection. CC cream can sometimes even replace your moisturizer. (That's 3 in 1!)


Choose a moisturizer with Broad Spectrum sunblock in it. I Love Dynamic Skin Recovery from Dermalogica. It is an awesome Broad Spectrum moisturizer that combats the causes of aging skin and nourishes my dryness with an added SPF of 50 for ultra protection! At full size, it's still travel worthy.

Here are a few places you can get samples:

*Ulta Beauty Supply and Salon - They often give out professional haircare and skincare samples...Even Dermalogica. Ask their esthetician for a recommendation for your skin type.

*Subscribe to a Beauty Box subscription. Companies like Beauty Box 5 send up to 5 samples a month for a nominal subscription fee. It's pretty fun to see what you get each month. Often it is professional quality haircare, skincare and makeup, but not always. Save the good ones for travel.

*Order your products directly from Dermalogica.com online and you can receive 1-3 free samples of awesome skincare with every order over a certain amount.

*Buy online from Beauty Store Depot and get free samples with every order. (They can be random, like nail stickers or toe separators)

Finally, If possible, don't shampoo every day. Bring a hat for those dirty days. 

Want more information or possibly a discount code for beauty products? Contact me or Try this link below:

20% OFF + FREE Shipping on New ENJOY Professional Hair Care Products at beautystoredepot.com! Use code 20AA at checkout.

Link: http://www.shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=307300&m=32867&u=200401

Peace, Love, and Beauty,


Disclosure: Sometimes, I will be compensated if you click on certain links and decide to purchase the products I recommend. These recommendations are always based on a positive experience with the person or company whose product I am recommending.


Mini Suit - Apple Pencil Skin Review

It's like a tuxedo for my Apple Pencil. 

I'm not an affiliate and I was in no way compensated for this post

I was looking to fix a small problem with my Apple Pencil ( from here forward affectionately referred to as AP). I carry my iPad Pro most everywhere and on more than one occasion, the cap covering the charger on my AP has popped off while taking my IPad out of my bag. This is an issue. 

So I searched online for a skin, cover, case for the AP that would cover the end cap. 

I found Mini Suit! Problem solved. 
It covers the entire AP sans the tip. 
"But how will you access the charger?", you ask. 
Not a problem. 
The Mini Suit is made of a rubber material that stretches just enough for removal of the end cap for charging. And it keeps the cap trapped inside, so no worries of losing it. Genius. 

The bonuses are the really great grip it gives me and Mini Suit is streamline enough that my AP still fits in the elastic holder on my iPad Pro case. 

Mini Suit is a brand new product as of this post so I am sure we will all learn more about it in time. But as of now, I'm loving this little gem. Oh yeah, and I bought mine on Amazon for under $10. 

Peace, Love, & Beauty,