Three Great Exfoliants for Glowing, Radiant, Younger-Looking Skin

Do you want glowing, radiant, younger-looking skin immediately?

Well, let's get down to the nitty gritty!

Exfoliating is the quickest way I know to achieve that glowing, youthful skin.

What is exfoliating? 

Exfoliating is removal of the dry, dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin.
Some call it Skin Resurfacing. But, whatever you call it, exfoliating can be achieved using various products, techniques, and tools.

There are many different products that claim to exfoliate the skin. There are scrubs, hydroxy acids, peels, creams, and more. Some products multi-task and brighten or even skin tone while they exfoliate.

It can all be overwhelming if you are not sure what your true skin needs are. But, whichever you choose, exfoliants will brighten and refresh your skin. My advice is to visit your favorite skin therapist and get a professional skin evaluation. This will help you determine which products would work best on your specific skin type.

There are three great exfoliants that I have found to work very well, especially for aging skin. Surprise, they are all Dermalogica products!

  1. Multivitamin Thermofoliant  A powerful thermal skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliants to refine skin texture and enhance penetration of age-fighting actives into skin, while advanced technology ingredients condition and treat the skin. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.
  2. Daily Microfoliant This unique Rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves skin noticeably smoother and brighter. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.
  3. Skin Prep Scrub A skin-polishing scrub with natural Corn Cob Meal that leaves skin with a smooth, healthy complexion. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.                   Info credit: www.dermalogica.com
Exfoliants will get rid of unwanted dull cells that sit on the surface of our skin and will make skin much more receptive to vitamin treatments and moisturizers used immediately after an exfoliation. 

If you want instantly smoother, radiant, younger looking skin, make sure to exfoliate regularly. If you already do, which products do you use to exfoliate? Please share in the comments below.


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    1. Thank you for stopping by and Thanks for the tip. I found the website very interesting and the video was humorous. I agree that razors, like bath tissue are a total rip-off.
      By the way, shaving is a great way for men to exfoliate!