3 Ways Water is Beneficial to Your Health and Beauty

How much water do you drink daily?

We all know the experts say to drink lots of water.  We know the doctors say it's good for us. So, why don't we drink more water?

Well, here are 3 ways that water can be beneficial to your Health and Beauty:

  1. Water boosts your metabolism and help you burn more calories.  This is a simple solution with multiple benefits! Dr. Oz says, "Adults who drink eight-plus glasses of water a day burn more calories than those who drink less."  from thatsfit.com
  2. Water helps keeps skin clear, smooth, and soft. When skin is dehydrated, it can produce excess oils to counter the dryness, causing blemishes. Dehydrated skin will also show those lines and wrinkles more easily. Help your skin by using moisturizer and drinking lots of water every day!
  3. Water quells hunger pangs. Often, when we feel hungry, it's just our body telling us it's dehydrated. Drinking water can keep us from eating empty calories or snacking unnecessarily during the day. It works! Once I started sipping on water throughout the day, I snacked less. 
So, do you drink enough water every day? How much is enough? Do you find this article helpful? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts on water.


  1. Great post! I go everywhere with my 16 oz water bottle and filled it up 2 times since this morning. You feel so much different when you drink lots of water. Thanks for sharing. This needs to be a constant reminder...

    1. Hi Kaysha!
      Thank you for stopping by. Water really is essential, for health, as well as beauty. So many benefits, and such an easy fix. Funny how we have to remind ourselves to drink the stuff!
      Your site is great, BTW. I will have to spend some time there :)