Avoid Chlorine Green - How Swimmers Can Protect Their Hair

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot Summer day then jumping into a cool, refreshing swimming pool.

Swimmers, BEWARE! The swimming pool can also be harmful to the health of your hair and the life of your haircolor.

Harsh chemicals in the pool water, such as chlorine, can take their toll on the skin and hair and often lead to what many know as Chlorine Green. (Poor Chlorine gets a bad rap here-Actually, it is a combination of things, including the oxidation of metals, such as copper in the water, which can cause lighter hair to turn a greenish tint.) And lighter hair is not the only victim - even if the negative effects are not as visible, they are still there. Often the chemicals in a pool are very drying and can break down the strength of all hair and fade color, as well.

But don't give up the pool just yet. Apply these 3 tips to help minimize the negative effects of pool water on your hair and maximize your Summer fun!

1. Fill Your Hair With Tap Water First
Before jumping in, head to the shower or even the garden hose, and fill your hair with plain water. Just like a sponge, once the hair is full of water, it can't absorb any more. This will keep the pool water from absorbing for a little while.

2. Pull the Hair Up and Back
After filling the hair with plain water, braid your hair or wrap it up as tight as possible. Use multiple ponytails or a bun. The idea here is to make it harder for the pool water to penetrate. Of course, the ever-fashionable swimming cap would be best here, but you may not have one handy.

3. Chelate After Every Swim
Using a shampoo which is made to remove chlorine, chemicals, and metals from the hair is important to help eliminate the greenish tint and also keep hair soft and healthy! (I recommend Tressa's Remove All Plus Shampoo or Redken's Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo.) Remember also to add a deep conditioner to replace protein and nutrients that may have been lost to the chemicals. (I recommend Redken's Color Extend Sun After-Sun Mask.)

By following these easy steps, swimmers can protect their lovely locks and enjoy their favorite Summer activity without the worry of harming their hair.

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