What's Your Season? The Summer Color Palette

What does it mean to be a Summer?
Well, when we are speaking of fashion or makeup, a Summer is someone who looks great in cool, bright colors, such as pinks, blues, and greens. Fuchsia and purple are also popular Summer colors. A personal color analysis will help you determine your color season.

How do you know if the Summer season color palette is right for you?
First, determine whether your skintone is cool or warm. The best way to do this is to look at the under side of your wrist and forearm. Do you see a pinkish (cool) tone or a yellow (warm) one?

• Cool Undertones = Summer or Winter Palettes
• Warm Undertones = Spring or Autumn Palettes

Next, think about the difference between colors such as pink and peach. One is cool and the other warm. They seem similar, however, if you put pink against a warm skintone, it may not compliment the skin like the peach color would. Try this with mint green and lime green. One is cool and one is warm.  

Once you have determined that your skintone is cool, you can now determine whether you are a Summer or Winter. Do you have light eyes or dark eyes? Light hair or dark? 

• Autumn and Winter = Dark Hair and Dark Eyes
• Summer and Spring = Lighter Hair and Lighter Eyes

Finally, what colors do you wear that make you feel energetic, confident, and happy? Chances are those colors are included in your color palette. Of course, there are always what I call, Crossover colors. These  are colors that might not necessarily be in your personal palette, but still look great with your skintone and haircolor. It's not breaking the rules to wear or use Crossover colors, it is simply adding more choices.

Are you a Summer? If not, what season are you? Please comment on your favorite colors to wear. Happy Summer!

Image Credit: iStockphoto 07-18-07 © Nicole S. Young


  1. I never realised there are summer and winter people. In terms of colours etc. I'm definitely a summer person, bright colours like pink, purple, blue, acquamarin etc. suit me really well, but I never thought of defining it or refer to it as a summer person. Learning never stops. :)

    P.S.: Thanks for stopping by at my blog, you will have to tell me how your brownies turned out if you make any...

  2. Hey there, coffeerocketfairytale!
    So nice that you dropped by to visit :)
    There may some salons in your area that offer color analysis. I used to offer that service myself. They can match you with the correct color palette which will help you make better choices where fashion and makeup are concerned. Like I said in the post, you probably already know what looks best, but it is pretty fun to have your colors done.