Anti-Aging Haircare

You may have heard about anti-aging skincare products and supplements, but have you heard about anti-aging products for your hair?

Yes, it's true that your hair grows up and gets old, just like we do. The aging process takes it's toll on your hair. Most of us notice the obvious change in color and texture when we start to gray. But did you know that your hair can become thinner and more brittle as it ages? As this happens, you may also notice a lack of luster,shine, and softness.

There are suddenly many new age-defying haircare products that address these issues.
My favorite is Redken's Time Reset - a new line of defense against aging hair.
I have two words for you...

It claims to recapture the hair of your youth. It does.
After using the complete line of Time Reset, including shampoo, conditioner, treatment, and porosity filler, my hair is fuller, bouncier, shinier, and I get compliments on my hair every time I use it. The bonus is the fragrance. This product smells great!

So, if you have noticed that your hair is lacking that certain oomph that it once had, you may be experiencing the signs of aging hair. Contact me with questions or ask your stylist about Time Reset's at-home and in-salon treatments to help you recapture the hair of your youth!

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