Style Remix - Prom Hairstyles and Embellishments

It was nineteen-ninety-something. Two high school besties preparing for the biggest night of their teen lives came to see me for their prom updos.

It was an exciting and enjoyable few hours as the girls giggled and planned and had some really great beauty bonding time.

These styles were created using a knot technique. With one, the ends were left out for a playful, whimsical look. With the other, I tucked the ends into curls for a more formal and sophisticated style.

*Style Note: Knotting the hair is a great way to upstyle really heavy or excessively long hair, as it balances the weight of the hair and assures the style is comfortable and secure. It's really beautiful, too! Brides considering their formal upstyling may like this option, as well.  With the long day and the festivities, this secure and fabulous hairstyle is perfect for a wedding.

Dried flowers and velcro rhinestones added unique finishing touches.

What do you think of these upstyles from the 90s? Would you wear them today? Please comment below.

Peace, Love, and Beauty,
the Beauty Lady

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