What is Color Correction?

What is Color Correction?

Simply put, color correction is changing (or often fixing) haircolor in a process which cannot be accomplished with just one all-over color application.

(color correction is often what happens after a home haircolor disaster)

Surprisingly, more haircolor appointments are for color correction than not.

Truth be told, the hair is different all over the head: the hair at the scalp is generally in the best condition, while the ends of the hair are often more porous, dry, and in need of moisture and protein.
This makes for uneven color results, if the same color formula is applied root to ends.

It is often necessary to formulate one color for the regrowth (root) area and another for the midshaft to ends. The result will be a more even haircolor all over. This is corrective color. This process requires planning, careful formulation and application, and is often more time consuming than a typical color application.

Most professional salon colorists have good working knowledge of the haircolor process and have been educated in corrective color techniques. This education and expertise in corrective color application constitutes a higher priced salon visit. Price, process, and expected color results should be discussed with your colorist in consultation. This will help you have realistic expectations and help you avoid sticker shock.

Have you had a corrective color application? Were you surprised by the cost? Was your colorist forthcoming with the time and process involved? Please share your color correction story.

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