Happy New Year, Beautiful

Happy New Year!

As this new year begins, I want to say Thank You for your continued interest and support of Go Inspire Beauty. You are the best!

With all the ugliness on the news that seems to be overshadowing all that is beautiful lately, I want to offer my wishes for peace and love and only Good and Beautiful things in 2013. I don't mean the kind of beauty that can be painted on, but the kind that comes from within.

Trying to see the good in every situation is not always easy. (personal experience) But I believe that good can come from really tragic situations, although it often takes major effort to see through the muck.

My resolution this year:
To make a conscious effort to see the Good and Beautiful in every situation and to Share Beauty when I find it.

We have to counter bad with good. We can not cower or feel defeated, we must be strong and meet the ugly head-on with all the beauty we can find. We have to lift each other up, encourage each other more, and be light in dark places. Sharing Beauty when we find it will help inspire others to do the same. 

Peace and love and beauty to you in 2013,

Jodi aka the Beauty Lady

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