What's Your Season? - The Fall Color Palette

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Is your personal color palette a Fall/Autumn?

I am often asked by clients to evaluate their personal season or color palette. Knowing your season can be helpful when choosing fashion, makeup, and haircolor.

Color Analysis is the art of determining a season or color palette. It means finding and utilizing colors which are most complimentary for each individual. (These are guidelines and not law.)

You may have been following my previous posts about personal color. In Colors and Seasons, I cover the basics of discovering your season. Then, the Spring Color Palette is a post dedicated to you Spring beauties. 

Here are three easy ways to determine if you are a Fall/Autumn:

Check your skintone. Do you have a warm or golden undertone to your skin? (as opposed to a cool or pink undertone) Best place to check is on the inside of your wrist.
Do you tend to freckle? This is often associated with red in the hair and/or a warm palette.

Check your natural haircolor. Do you have natural gold, orange, or red in your hair (as opposed to ashy, drab natural haircolor)? The hair belonging to a Fall color palette will most often have warmth.

Check your eye color. Do you have dark eyes, or darker eyes with flecks of gold (vs light eyes)? Darker eyes tend to be an indicator of a Fall or Winter color palette.

Another way to find your season is to enlist the help of your salon professional. Hairstylists and makeup artists have a great eye and the knowledge to help you determine your skintone. 

If you have questions regarding your season, please feel free to email me  or send me your questions on Twitter. I would also love to sit down with you to help you find your perfect season. A personal color analysis takes approximately 30 minutes. Remember, however, that once you discover your season, use the information as a guideline. You should feel free to wear whatever makes you feel your best!

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