Fall-ing for Beauty - Making a Color Change

Hooray, it's Fall!

You may have guessed that I love Fall. I do. I love this season for the cozy, layered clothing styles and the gorgeous colors appearing everywhere.

Along with the changing colors of nature, it's time to think of personal color, as well. During Fall, fashion, including hair and makeup, makes its move into warmer, darker tones and colors. If you are an Autumn, then this is your season. Even if you are not an Autumn, you can take advantage of the season to add a little spice to your look. Not sure of your season? Read about it here.

Changing your haircolor and makeup can create an instant beauty boost.
If you change your haircolor, you should also consider changing your makeup, as well. 
Remember that you should stick to a color palette that best compliments your skintone. For example, I am a cool palette, but I can still choose Fall colors that work with my skin. Choosing a neutral brown or green, one that is more cool than warm, can work with an autumn palette
To add a bright accent to the darker, gloomier days of Fall, try something new, like a sparkle eye liner. Go all out with eyes that dazzle by using playful eye pencils.
Colorescience Pro Eye Pencil Brown .06 oz  

Ask your hairstylist about the current haircolor trends. Ask if she can create a great Fall color for your hair. Ask about a Redken Shades EQ Glazing. This color service adds shine, conditions the hair, and adds a gorgeous wash of color that lasts up to 3 months, depending on your hair's condition. I call this a try-on color. It is great for the unsure or non-commital client. I would be happy to consult with you in my salon. Email me for details.

So, go ahead. Make that move toward a change in color. Experiment and play with the hues of the season for your hair and makeup choices. (with proper advice from your personal stylist, of course) You can really add spice to your Fall look!


  1. I've already started my fall makeup shopping. So much fun!!

  2. Hi Aleya,
    Great! What new makeup trends did you find for your collection?
    Along with makeup, I am on the hunt for the perfect hat...
    Thanks for visiting!