The Share Beauty Campaign

Ventura Sunset
The Share Beauty campaign is on!

What is it?
In lieu of a New Year's Resolution, I am starting a personal quest, or campaign, if you will, to Share Beauty and help inspire and encourage others.

What beauty inspires you in your daily life? What beauty surprises you?

There are many forms of Beauty:
beautiful things
beautiful gestures
beautiful people
beautiful words
beautiful places
beautiful moments...

Occasionally on Twitter, you will see me tweet with the hashtag #ShareBeauty. My hope is that simply sharing what inspires me may be an encouragement to another.

As the Share Beauty Campaign begins, I encourage you to join in and help inspire others by sharing the beauty you find in the world.

What to do
Start by simply posting a picture, quote, or any other beautiful inspiration on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #ShareBeauty, or link to your inspiration in the comment form below.

It doesn't take long to find Beauty if you look for it. And it only takes an instant to Share it with others. Thank you for helping to inspire others as you Share Beauty with the world!

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