Holiday Hair - Glitter, Glamour, Shine!

Holiday parties are fun, especially when you can get all dressed up and look your very best. Using glitter spray, glossy gels, and snap-on strands of sparkle are a few ways to achieve holiday glam. Along with these options,  here are some accessories to help your hairsyle sparkle this New Years' Eve. 

This beautiful White Rose headband will give any outfit the WOW factor! It is made by ban.do. ban.do is a hair accessories company owned by jen gotch and jamie coulter, two stylists from Los Angeles.

Sparkle and shine with the brooch-inspired hair pin below. Also made by the talented ladies of ban.do.

Dress up your hair with this pretty pave Swarovski Crystal Bobby Pin by Queens, New York-born Roberta Chiarella
Hopefully, this gave you some great ideas for adding Glitter, Glamour, and Shine to your Holiday Hairstyle! What other ways do you embellish your style? Please leave a comment and share your ideas! 

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