Hot Product Recommendation-Magic Hairspray

As a stylist, I have my favorite products. There are products which work best for me and my hair type and style and those products which perform best on my clients.

Today's Hot Product Recommendation is a mutual favorite of stylists and clients alike, and a six-time  Stylist Choice Award Winner for favorite hairspray!

I am an 80's girl. Yes, I love big hair.  Just ask anyone who knows me. This hairspray works as well on fine, lifeless hair as it does on thick, curly hair to add volume, shine, and tame frizzies. It is a "Magic" hairspray, if you will. I call it "Magic" because, for me, it performs unlike all others I have tried. (and I have tried a bunch, having been in the industry for over 24 years!) What is this Magic hairspray?

Kenra Volume 25 Finishing Spray
What are the benefits of Kenra Volume 25 Finishing Spray?

• Adds shine
• Hair stays flexible
• Washes completely out of the hair
• Accentuates/defines curl
• Humidity resistant - never gummy or sticky
• Non-flaking
• All day hold without "Helmet-Head" stiffness
• Great scent (I describe the scent as Grapes)
• Need very little so it lasts for months
• Drys fast
and the most important reason
• Blows VOLUME into the hair

Ask your stylist about Kenra Volume 25 Finishing Spray*. When purchased at a professional salon (like Hair Galleria), you have a guarantee on the product. But, my guess is that you won't need it!

*I always advise a professional recommendation and instruction when using a new product.

Application tip: Hold hair out to spray up under your style, Hold can approximately 12 inches from hair, spray in short bursts (like using a spritz). Never spray enough to create a cloud of product over your head (like ****net). 

What is your favorite hairspray? Please comment and share your choice.

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