Healthy, Organic Stage Makeup

Makeup For Stage and Costume
TerraFirma Cosmetics

Are you ready for Halloween? Have you decided on the costumes? How prepared are you?

If you have children, it is especially important to plan. Most events don't allow masks anymore, so face painting has become very popular. I don't know about you, but I have used the face paints available in the local drug stores and I was HORRIFIED. Mostly made up of greasy, toxic ingredients, it is hard to apply and even harder to remove! 

Luckily, Terrafirma Cosmetics has "created a line of non toxic high performance face paints. Stage makeup, halloween makeup, and play makeup contain some of the highest concentrations of toxic ingredients you can find in makeup. Honoring our own children, we've created non toxic face and body paints that contain the safest ingredients.

The Halloween Set comes with enough product for several face applications. All colors are approved for face and lip application."

You will be just as satisfied with the quality of the face and body paints as you are with the healthy and safe ingredients.

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