Time to Think Wedding Hair

Planning a wedding? The big day is right around the corner. You have ordered the cake and booked the hall or church. You have picked your flowers, photographer, and pastel bridesmaid dresses. Well, isn't it time to think about the Wedding Hair?  After all, what is more important than how the bride looks on her special day?

Book a practice appointment. 
Many brides-to-be schedule a practice session with their hairstylist, usually a week prior to the event. You may have more than one style in mind and this practice will come in very handy when deciding on a final look for your big day. If you already have your veil or hair accessories, bring them with you to your practice appointment. This will ensure that there will be NO SURPRISES on your special day! (I offer my clients a discounted PRACTICE appointment along with their Wedding Day appointment.)

*It is best to be familiar with your Wedding Day stylist. Don't use this day to try out a new hair designer.

Stay true to YOU.
Do not drastically change your haircolor, makeup, or overall appearance right before your wedding. Chances are you will not be happy with the results and may even frighten your spouse-to-be! If you have been wanting to try a new makeup line, do it weeks before the big day. New haircolor is often difficult to reverse if you are unhappy with the results.

Brides deserve the best on their big day. No Hassels, No Regrets. Planning ahead for your Wedding Hair will help make this happen. Tell us what you would do to make your big day beautifully hassel-free!


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