BANGS – Put Down the Kitchen Scissors

You just washed your hair and looked in the mirror and realized you are in " Hair Jail". Your bangs are in your eyes. You have a hair appointment in a few weeks but you just can't wait.

So you grab your trusty standby hair cutting tool - the kitchen scissors (or the fingernail clippers, or if you're really feeling edgy, the razor you used in the shower). 

You think to yourself, "How much harm can I really do here? They're only bangs, right?"

So, you hold down those bangs and you make the first cut, then the next. You are feeling pretty confident as you make it all the way to the other side... Then you let go. Woops, they are just a little crooked. So you grab that longer side and take off just a little bit more. Still crooked. Humf. Ok, just a leeetle bit more off the other side, and wow! You now have little-boy bangs, right up to your hairline.

This is where you take out the blow dryer or flat iron to get the most length out of your bangs. You think to yourself, "If this doesn't work, I will have to go hat shopping. " 

What went wrong?
1.  You did it yourself. Although your stylist makes it look easy, it may not be.  There are many factors to take into account when shaping hair, such as the amount of curl or wave, shrink factor, etc.

2.  You didn't ask for help. Did you even try to consult your stylist? Did you know that many stylists will give you a pricebreak to just cut your bangs between haircut appointments? Some may not even charge, believing it would be better to give you a complimentary bang trim than have you walk around with bad hair.  You may not even need an appointment. Most professional stylists can get you in and out for a bang trim between clients.

So, next time you feel like tackling your bangs, remember: It takes a lot longer to grow those bangs back out than it does to cut them. Put down the kitchen scissors and step away from the mirror! Then, call your stylist for an appointment.

 People are very ingenious when they need to be. Tell us your most creative bang trimming tool. How did it work for you?

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