New Year, New Style

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Do they include a change in your appearance?

The number one most popular resolution is for weight loss, including a new exercise routine. But, there is another way to improve your looks that would be a great addition to your resolve to look and feel better for the New Year – Change your hairstyle!

Do you have a style you have been wanting to try? Have you seen others make a style change but you were afraid to take that step toward change? Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post, it is never a good Idea to make a drastic change during the holidays or any special occasion for that matter. Too many variables…but NOW, the new year is here and it is time for a positive change! Talk to your stylist about your ideas.

Find Pictures. Pictures are a great way to ensure you communicate your ideas to your stylist. Whenever you see a style you like on someone else, take their picture (with their permission, of course), take images from magazines, reference television personalities, etc. Bring these images to your stylist. Any styles you find can be duplicated or personalized to fit YOU.

Don’t forget Color.  Color is another very important part of any new look. If you know what color you want or what looks great on you, let your stylist know. But if you are like most, and you aren’t really sure what color will make your look POP, enlist the help of your stylist. Most stylists are well-versed in color theory and personalized color by skin tone, etc., which will ensure the color choice is really the most ideal for YOU.

It may be difficult to keep all your New Year’s resolutions. But, with your stylist’s help and a little thought and preparation, your choice to change your look with a new hairstyle will be one that will not only improve how you look and feel, but may change your outlook on the New Year, as well!

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