Meet Artist Misun Holdorf

Meet my friend, Misun Holdorf, phenomenal artist. 
I recently stopped by her studio, Studio 16B in Spanish Village. 

Misun describes her work as Impressionistic. Using mainly oil paint and palette knives, she has perfected the Impasto technique which creates an almost 3-D effect, making each piece come to life. The colors and the deliberate texture are thoughtfully applied to each piece, resulting in the viewer being drawn in and whisked away to a magical place. Misun offers a unique perspective on landscapes and wildlife, drawing from her previous island life for tropical inspiration. You need to see her work in person to really appreciate the beauty of her technique. Stop by Studio 16B in Spanish Village to see her at work, or visit her website to view or purchase available pieces.

If you have never been to Spanish Village, it is nestled in the heart of Balboa Park in San Diego, California. It was build for the 1935 Exposition and remains one of the gems of the region. Spanish-style cottages have become working art studios, where painters, sculptors, jewelers, photographers, and crafters create and showcase their work. Artwork is for sale and admission is free! The day I visited, there was a musician in the center of the colorful courtyard playing live music. Enjoy a great cup of coffee as you peruse the village.

Peace, Love and Beauty, 

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