Repurposing Christmas Cards Into Gift Tags

Having trouble parting with your beautiful collection of Holiday Cards you received this year?

Repurpose them into pretty package Gift Tags! This way, you can enjoy the lovely designs again next year, while saving money on at least some of that pricey gift wrap.

First, pick the prettiest, shiniest, and boldest cards from those you received. Or, pick them all. Depending on how many gifts you give each year, you may not need them all.

Next, clip, cut, and chop them up, strategically using the designs on each card to create multiple shapes and sizes for your new Gift Tags. Then, use a hole punch to add a hole for the ribbon or string.

Finally, add string or ribbon (I used a slip knot) so they can be easily attached to your gifts next year!

Have you tried this Christmas Craft or others for recycling or repurposing pretty things for the Holidays? Please leave a comment below and share your ideas!

Peace, Love, and Beauty,Jodi

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