Model Co Eye Liner - A Product Review

The following is a review for which I was compensated with product.

So, I love my box of beauty goodness from BeautyBox5.com.

In my Beauty Box were 5 fun new products to try. This review is on the eye liner by Model Co. (at least I think that is the name of the product company)


• The product goes on easily, without dragging. 
• The dark purple color is deep and intense on application. 
• The eye liner comes with a sharpener, built into the lid, which I think is ingenious. (No more rustling through the makeup bag to find a sharpener.)


• The liner smudges really easily. There is not much left on my eyes at the end of the day.
• The built-in sharpener is a great idea, however, the lid does not stay on the product. I am constantly looking for it.
• The packaging is so dark, it is not legible and has no information that I could read other than the company name. I first thought the eye liner was a lip liner, as there are light magenta stripes on the pencil. There is no name for the color or the product anywhere on the pencil.

After reviewing the Model Co. Liner, I would probably not purchase it for myself.
There were, however, some great products in my Beauty Box. Check out BeautyBox5.com and subscribe to get a box of sample products to try for yourself!

Peace, Love and Beauty, 
the Beauty Lady 

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