What Do I Do With This Thing?

The Elusive Directional Nozzle.

What exactly is it and what is it good for?

Although it may have eluded you until now, it is time to shine a light on a little used, but very useful tool in your hair styling arsenal.

Yep, that funky little doohickey that should have come in the blow dryer box has a purpose.

Often neglected, the directional nozzle makes blow-dry styling so much easier! With the directional nozzle on the end of your blow dryer, it is easy to keep the flow of air right where you are working, instead of blowing the other hair willy-nilly, causing frizz.

Using the directional nozzle will give you more control, making your morning style a breeze!

Not all blowdryers come with a directional nozzle in the box. Make sure when you shop for your next blowdryer that you choose one with a directional nozzle. The more narrow the opening of the nozzle, the more control you will have while styling.

Do you use a directional nozzle? What difference has it made in your styling? Please leave a comment below.

Peace, Love, and Beauty
The Beauty Lady

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