Perfect Wedding Hair - How To Make It Happen

Want Perfect Wedding Hair on your big day?

I enjoyed a visit with a future bride yesterday, styling her hair in anticipation of her big day. Her visit prompted this article. 

 With all the planning that goes into a wedding, the bride-to-be often overlooks her own beauty plan for the big day.

After choosing the dress and veil, or headpiece, the bride should consider her hairstyle. The hairstyle itself is part of the ornamentation, key to the complete look. Waiting until the very last minute to decide how to wear the hair is simply no-no, in my opinion.

There is an easy way to avoid any hair mishaps on the wedding day.  Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed practice, you are absolutely right. 

It is not necessary to spend all of your time in the salon, but it is vital to set an appointment PRIOR to the big day, in order to run through your beauty goals for the wedding. You need to visit your stylist months before the wedding day to create a plan. This plan may include color, makeup, and hairstyling, but you must have a beauty plan. 

Included in your plan must be a style practice appointment, usually a week or two prior to the wedding day. Have your headpiece or veil with you for this appointment, to ensure a perfect placement in your hair. 

The reason for the practice appointment is two-fold:
  1. Set the bride's mind at ease. You may have an idea for your look, but it may take a few different styles to find the PERFECT one. Once you know how your hair will look, you can focus on other things.
  2. Set the stylist's mind at ease. Your stylist will want your hair to be PERFECT on your big day. Allowing her to style your hair before the event will make it flow more smoothly and be more time efficient on the day of the event. 
To ensure your hairstyle is perfect for wedding, contact your stylist and make a plan.
Set an appointment for a trial-run of your hairstyle. Many stylists (including me) will offer this appointment at a discount.  

With this simple tip, you are well on your way to perfect beauty on your big day!

Are you a bride-to-be? Have you planned your bridal beauty?
Did you already tie the knot? Did you have a beauty plan? Did the practice appointment help you? Please leave a comment below and share your experiences.

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