Beautiful Big Red Hair!

I love to style and finish hair.

So, when this adorable gal walked into my shop and asked if I could curl her hair for a party, I was more than happy to oblige! 

I asked her if she wanted it full. And then it happened. She spoke what I call, the magic words... "As BIG as you can get it," she said. Yay. 

The results are clearly fabulous, and BIG.
Party-worthy, don't you think?

Not everyone wants big hair. It can be a scary proposition for some. It is important to consider proportion, as well as situation. Everything must be just right for the big finish, and clients are often hesitant to go there. Even some stylists shy away from creating too much volume. 

Now,  I am perfectly capable of creating today's, sleek, smooth styles. But as this post clearly illustrates, when you sit in my chair, don't speak the B word unless you mean it. Because I am serious about BIG, gorgeous hair. 

What do you think about this hairstyle? Is it for you? Do you do Big Hair? Please leave a comment on your favorite Big Hair memory, celebrity, etc.

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