3 Good Summer Beauty Habits to Keep All Year

Bye-Bye Summer.
It's time to put away the beach towels, the hats, and the sunscreen. Or is it?

Just because the weather is beginning to cool, doesn't mean we should do away with everything we used in the Summer months. Many of the habits we practice during the warmer months are important to keep up as the season's change.

The following is a short list of good habits to keep, even when the weather cools down.

1. Moisturize
During the Fall and Winter months, the heater is usually on inside, causing skin, hair, and even eyes to dry out and become depleted of moisture. Remember to add moisture to keep all your parts and pieces soft, supple, and glowing!

  • Use the proper moisturizer on your hair, according to your salon professional's advice. 
  • Use a daily skin moisturizer, to keep skin from drying and even cracking from the harsh winter weather and changing conditions inside and outside. Choose a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or greater for added protection.
  • Use a lubricating eye drop to keep your eyes clear and sparkling. Dry eyes can become irritated and also scratch more easily. 

2. Use Sunblock
But there's no sun. Why do I need Sunblock?
I realize that we can't all live in California, where the sun shines mostly everyday of the year. But even where the sunshine is less shiny, sunblock is your friend. Don't be fooled by overcast or cloudy weather. Yes, you can get sunburned on cloudy or overcast  days!
You should choose sunblock over sunscreen, as it offers better protection from the sun's harsh rays. And make sure to choose makeup with an added sun protection factor of a least 15 SPF to maximize your protection!

3. Drink Plenty of Water
When the weather is warm, you perspire, you get thirsty, and you drink plenty of water.
Do you think about drinking water in the cool weather? Not as often. It is important for your beauty, as well as your health, to maintain your daily intake of H2O.

Remember that your body is made up mostly of water. Your organs, including your skin (the body's largest organ) need lots of water to function properly and remain healthy. Staying hydrated should be a year-round endeavor. The up-side – hydrated skin tends to have less blemishes and shows fewer fine lines.

There are many other habits we pick up during Summer that we all-but-forget about near the end of the year. What habit do you practice that should be on this list? Please Share!

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