Mini Suit - Apple Pencil Skin Review

It's like a tuxedo for my Apple Pencil. 

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I was looking to fix a small problem with my Apple Pencil ( from here forward affectionately referred to as AP). I carry my iPad Pro most everywhere and on more than one occasion, the cap covering the charger on my AP has popped off while taking my IPad out of my bag. This is an issue. 

So I searched online for a skin, cover, case for the AP that would cover the end cap. 

I found Mini Suit! Problem solved. 
It covers the entire AP sans the tip. 
"But how will you access the charger?", you ask. 
Not a problem. 
The Mini Suit is made of a rubber material that stretches just enough for removal of the end cap for charging. And it keeps the cap trapped inside, so no worries of losing it. Genius. 

The bonuses are the really great grip it gives me and Mini Suit is streamline enough that my AP still fits in the elastic holder on my iPad Pro case. 

Mini Suit is a brand new product as of this post so I am sure we will all learn more about it in time. But as of now, I'm loving this little gem. Oh yeah, and I bought mine on Amazon for under $10. 

Peace, Love, & Beauty,

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