5 Useful Apps for Mobile Photographers

Reposted from Creative Blog, June 2013
Do you most often shoot pictures with your camera phone?

A new commercial claims that every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera. I tend to believe it. With the convenience and availability of the camera phone, the popularity of mobile photography is no surprise.  

The edit feature built into my iPhone 5 is great for cropping and even removing red-eye on the fly. It is limited, however, in its editing power.

The good news is that more and more apps are being created to enhance mobile imagery. Whether you are looking to make simple adjustments to your images or to add a creative edge with filters, there are many choices for photo editing. Here are a few of my favorites.


My personal favorite for straight-forward editing. This awesome editing app can crop, rotate, and perform many of the functions familiar to Photoshop users. With this app, the user can add filters and borders, sharpen, adjust color, and even adjust curves.


Filters are an easy and fun way to turn a photo into artistic expression. PhotoToaster gives many options, including vintage filters like technicolor, sepia and black and white. It also offers adjustment sliders for exposure, temperature, saturation, sharpen, and brightness to name a few.


This app claims to be the standard of mobile photography. Shoot straight from the app itself. Images are saved at full resolution, with no loss of quality. Choose standard filters or save custom filters for future use. This app is definitely for the PhotoArtist.

Camera Awesome

Start by using your choice of grid guides as you shoot straight from the app. This app saves images in full resolution within the app or right to your image library. It features what I call the attitude indicator (aviation term), which helps steady your horizon for the shot. It has the ability to shoot video, as well as still images.. Shoot in fast bursts at low resolution or slow bursts at high resolution. Choose the anti-shake image stabilizer, set your flash mode and directly post to most any social media site


Although this app is for videos, it has the coolest vintage effects I have seen so far. Choose from a wide range of filters, including 60s, xPro, Tuscan, Sakura, 1920, Siena, and so many more. Get great effects, including sounds like old reel to reel movies had. Upload directly to YouTube. I love this app and am having fun creating vintage-looking videos that resemble old home movies.Peace, Love and Beauty, 

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