Hask Macadamia Oil – a product review

The following is a review for which I was compensated in product. 

Hask Macadamia Oil
Revitalizing Shine Hair Treatment

This month's Beauty Box from BeautyBox5 had a real gem inside. This little vile of hair goodness from Hask is worthy of a trip to my salon. 

Yes, Hask Macadamia Oil went to work with me and was used on all my clients. I tried it on fine hair as well as the thickest coarse hair that sat in my chair. It was received well by my clients for the really sweet fragrance. It worked well to tame flyaways and frizzies. It was a little heavy on my fine-haired clients, but they still appreciated the way it made their hair smell. The product claims to have reparative anti-oxidant properties. This may (or may not) add a level of protection to the hair. 
All in all, Hask Macadamia Oil is a nice finishing shine for most hair types.

Other products that arrived in my November Beauty Box included Floss Picks in a great travel case, a travel sized Dove Moisturizing Body Wash, Lavender Body Butter, by Laura Ashley, and an empty Travel container from After Feather Refillables, which may come in handy someday, but for which I would NEVER pay the asking price. (Sorry, y'all. Just being honest.) It is an empty container, after all.

In case you aren't familiar, Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that delivers 5 cosmetic samples to your door for a nominal fee. That's beauty goodness in your mailbox every month! It's awesome. If you love trying new products and embrace little surprises in your mailbox, you can grab a Beauty Box like this for your very own. Just Subscribe to Beauty Box 5 and enjoy!

Peace, Love and Beauty, 

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