And Soft Hands For All! Awesome Products for Dry Winter Hands

Hand-y Help and Healing for Him and Her from beautystoredepot.com

One Minute ManicureIf it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for me! One Minute Manicure products are made from recipes, not formulas, so maybe that's why my hands eat this stuff up. It exfoliates and moisturizes my skin like no other. I've tried the knock-offs but the essential oils used in One Minute Manicure products absorb into the skin and last longer.

My hands were seriously dry and cracked so the mint version did sting a little bit the first time I tried it, and it does have a mildly gritty feel, but the unanimous reviews at beautystoredepot.com are right: my hands are hydrated, exfoliated, and the softest they've ever been. 

Only $21.60 with coupon code 20AA at beautystoredepot.com and ships free! Check out One Minute Manicure now!

Billy Jealousy Golden GlovesThis manly hand cream delivers a TKO of softness. A dear friend with Midwestern man hands told me about this amazing product from Billy Jealousy. Since he's the work-with-his-hands type, I know he means business when he's telling me about hand cream so I enlisted my husband to give it a try.

And what do you know? A pea-sized amount made a mountain of difference. Golden Gloves Therapeutic Hand Cream is a tropical brew of botanical extracts like Monoi de Tahiti and Gardenia Tahitensis Flower. It absorbs quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize his hardworking mitts. And did I mention it's manly? High-five! 

Only $22.40 with coupon code 20AA at beautystoredepot.comand ships free! Turn him on to Billy Jealousy Golden Gloves Therapeutic Hand Cream today!

Peace, Love and Beauty, 
Jodi aka the Beauty Lady 

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