HBA Cosmetics Convention 2014

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HBA cosmetics convention 2014: The largest cosmetics convention held worldwide with over 500 exhibits and a range of conferences covering different topics

The HBA cosmetics convention is a massive event which takes place every year in New York. A popular event for both men and women within the cosmetics industry, this convention is a great opportunity from both small and large companies all around the world to sample new cosmetics and decide which ones they’d love to own or sell in their stores.

The next HBA cosmetics convention will be held on June 10th-12th 2014. The event was very successful this year and attracted a lot of people who were looking for production equipment, cosmetics packaging, cosmetics manufacturing and supplier distribution services.

Just like this year, there will be a many cosmetic industry professionals at the event for you to ask questions and connect with. If you’re interested in speaking with new people and finding out about the latest cosmetic services and products available, the HBA cosmetics convention is ideal for you.

There are over 500 exhibitors who attend the event and show off their latest services and products. The event, which is always on the hunt for new exhibitors, welcomes over 12,000 industry professionals every year, making this one of the biggest cosmetic events worldwide.

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On the HBA website, they’re inviting people to sign up as an exhibitor at the next event in 2014. Being the only product development event which gathers as many people from the cosmetic industry as possible under one roof, this is the perfect chance for networking with some of the industry’s well known names.

Whether you’re into marketing, packaging, technology or ingredients for cosmetics, you’re invited along to the event to make vital connections and hopefully boost the awareness of your business.

Perfume specialists, Essential Fragrances, are looking forward to the event and can’t wait to visit the exhibits and conferences.

Jacob Knox, MD of Essential Fragrances, said:
“Myself and the team are very excited about the HBA Cosmetics Convention taking place next year. It will be interesting to find out about the latest trends and to meet leading people in the cosmetics industry.”

The official schedule has not been released for the 2014 event but we have the 2013 edition so you can understand what the event will be like:

Day One

Keynote Speaker
(9:00am - 10:00am)

10:30am - 11:45am

Brand Development




Natural & Sustainable

Developing, Engineering and Designing with Global Compliance

FIT Capstone Panel: Beauty in the Digital Age - DIGITAL MARKETING

Key Points You Need to Know About Required Safety for Your Products: Regulatory Updates & Cost Savings Approach

Consumer Spending Trends in Skin Care

Lessons From Innovators: What Do Today's New Product Innovations Tell Us About The Future of Natural Beauty?

Lunch/EXPO Break
(11:45am - 1:15pm)

1:15pm - 2:30pm

Brand Development


Brand Development


Natural & Sustainable

Beauty Goes Social: The Link Between Content with Consumer Behavior

TrendWatch: Inspiring Innovations

Direct Response Opportunities: What does it take to get into DRTV? Is Innovation Enough?

Beauty Meets Brand Value

Sponsored by Interbrand

How to Become and Stay a Leader in the Consumer-driven Trend toward Natural and Sustainable Ingredients

2:45pm - 4:00pm

Brand Development


Brand Development


Natural & Sustainable

The Face of Distribution: Breaking into Mass Retail

FIT Capstone Panel: Beauty in the Digital Age - DIGITAL ANALYTICS

Strategies to Revitalizing your Brand as you Grow

Nutricosmetics and Nutriceuticals: Developing Successful Clinically Proven Nutricosmetics that Synergistically Compliment Topical Formulations

Keeping Up with Organic Regulations

4:15pm - 5:30pm

Brand Development


Brand Development


Natural & Sustainable

Creating a Successful Beauty Brand through Category Innovation

What's Next for Fragrance?

Connecting with your Consumer: Insights into Engagement and Relationship Building

Cutting Edge, Innovative Products and Ingredients in Skin Care

Trends in Sustainable Packaging

This is the conference programme schedule for the first day of the 2013 HBA event which took place in June this year. There will be a detailed schedule like this for the 2014 event where you can go along and listen to talks about a range of subjects.

From these conferences you can learn a range of interesting things, as the topics cover many different subjects and answer a lot of questions people in the cosmetics industry may have. If you’re not interested in visiting any of these conferences, the exhibits will be set up during all three days for you to browse and discover new products and make new contacts.

The press and marketing team at essentialfragrances.com have compiled information for this announcement to raise awareness for this event. As well as the need for regulatory approval, the team would like to increase the publicity for the goings-on in the cosmetics industry.

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