Professional Haircare for Kids You Just Have To Try

Great professional haircare products aren't just for us grownups.

There are many great products to help  those little ones maintain great hair.
Here is a short list of really awesome hair products that make caring for those delicate locks easier and help keep the little ones pain-free and happy.

Ever have trouble combing out your child's fragile, delicate locks?
Try  using Phyto's Petit Phyto Detangling Spray. This makes detangling a breeze!

Petit Phyto Detangling Spray for Children 5.07 oz
Formulated to respect toddlers' fragile hair, the detangling spray contains no parabens, no coloring agents, nor silicone. The hair is easily combed, leaving it soft, shiny, protected and delightful. 

Another great detangler that also helps build strength is Redken's Extreme Anti-Snap. Apply a little on the ends after bath for easier combing and help build strength into those delicate fine strands of hair. Helps prevent and mend splits, too!

Finally, if you want to really clean the hair and scalp, but in a gentle way, try Paul Mitchell Kids Baby Don't Cry. This gentle shampoo helps calm and soothe skin and scalp and is tear-free! Try it as bubble bath, too.

Have you tried other products that work great on kids? Please share in the comments below!

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