Combat the Frizzies with this One Simple Step

Got Frizzies?

It seems that no matter the weather, there will always be frizzies.
We can't escape the nature of hair, it's structure and texture.

Frizz can happen anywhere at anytime. And it does.

True Story
I use to blowdry my naturally curly hair to oblivion to get it straight without frizz. Then I would walk to school in the fog. Guess what my hair looked like when I got there? You guessed it . A ball of frizz. But is gets frizzy in dry weather, too. What's a curly girl to do?

How can we simply and effectively combat the frizzies? The answer is a quick and easy step in the hair care routine that can make your hair look better than ever. Some may skip this step for the sake of time or for whatever reason. I'd love for you to follow this step regularly and you will be well on your way to frizz-free locks!

The One Simple Step to Combat the Frizzies: Use styling product. 

That's it. Styling product.

Why styling product? (the sort of scientific explanation)
The cuticle layer of your hair should lay like shingles on a roof...nice and flat. (A flat surface is more conducive  to shine.)

When we shampoo, we rough up the surface layer of the hair, causing the cuticle to raise up and our hair to be frizzy. Although conditioner seals the cuticle back down and helps calm the frizzies, using a styling gel, mousse, or hairspray can seal the cuticle, tame that frizz and promote shine.  Sounds good, right?

If you find yourself battling the frizzies, try adding this one simple step to your hair care routine.
Then let me know how it works for you! If you're not sure which styling product would work best for your hair type,  please seek the advice of your haircare professional or email me. I have a few favorites that I would love to share with you!

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