What's Your Season? The Winter Color Palette

Are you a Winter? How do you know for sure?
Determining personal Colors and Seasons can often be confusing.

To this point, we have discussed three of the four seasons. Now, it's time for my favorite –The Winter Color Palette!

To simplify, think Jewel Tones – Rubies, Emeralds, Amethysts. I like to refer to Winter colors as the bolder, more outspoken cousins of the Summer color palette.

Instead of baby pink, think Hot Pink! Instead of basic blue, think Electric Blue!

The Winter Color Palette is full of bold, cool colors. Generally, if you have cool undertones to your skin, darker eyes, and darker hair, you may be a Winter.

*To check your skin's undertones, look at the under side of your wrist and forearm. Do you see a pinkish (cool) tone or a yellow (warm) one?

Do any of these colors rock your boat? Do you feel like a million when you drape yourself in a jewel-tone color? If so, you might be a Winter. If you are cool, but the lighter colors look good on you, check to see if the Summer color palette suits you better. It is common to wear colors from more than one season successfully.

Remember, your BEST color is the color that makes you feel best!

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