3 Beauty Products with the Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

A single product that cures many ills might sound like a wonder-product. Well, maybe Tea Tree Oil is just that.

The wonder-oil that is Tea Tree has many mending, healing, and restorative properties.

This MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA PURE ESSENTIAL OIL is a natural antiseptic known for its healing properties. Tea Tree helps treat minor skin irritations,relieves skin and scalp itching, and helps reduce muscle aches.

Often found in the salon or spa, Tea Tree oil is used in many beauty products from shampoos to massage oils. It has the distinct fragrance of mint which evokes feelings of health and purity.

American Crew offers many professional quality salon products with Tea Tree Oil, like this  Purifying Body Wash.

American Crew Tea Tree Body Wash 8.45 oz

My favorite skincare line, Dermalogica, also offers acne-fighting products with Tea Tree`s cleansing, bacteria killing, and astringent  properties. Try the MediBac Clearing Cleanser. It clears the skin of impurities in an extra-gentle way.

Dermalogica mediBAC Clearing Skin Wash 8.4 oz

Then there is the Granddaddy of all Tea Tree products-Paul Mitchell`s Tea Tree Oil.
I have heard of Tea Tree being useful in the treatment of athletes foot, skin mites, and dandruff, just to name a few.

Can you think of a use for Tea Tree Oil? Have you used Tea Tree Oil ? What was your experience? Please leave a comment and share!

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