What Are BB Creams?

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BB Cream is a new type of product that is taking the world by storm. More and more people are starting to hear about this product and have started using it and for good reason-to many, this may actually seem like a miracle product. BB creams have so many uses and are so convenient that it totally becomes worth every single cent of the money that was spent on them. So now the question is-what exactly are BB creams and where did they come from?

Creams from Germany
It is said that these creams originally came from Germany. They were said to be formulated as a healing salve for clients who underwent laser surgery. Laser surgery does have a bit of healing and recovery time attached to it because of the result of the laser on the skin. The salve was reportedly able to soothe and calm irritated or inflamed skin. It was also helpful in healing and skin-regeneration. However, it wasn't until South Korean actresses caught wind of this product that the BB cream craze really took off.

South Korean Discovery and the Global Spread
Yes, this miracle product came to be quite popular mainly because South Korean actresses discovered it and began using it for the purposes of beauty. They seemingly discovered the advantages of the cream and thus began to use it for the long term effects that they eventually got. And so it began-the BB cream craze was born.

The spread of BB creams was rather rapid as it was not just a trend that caught on but a new holy grail in terms of makeup products. In only a few years, BB creams grew in popularity so rapidly that it first spread from South Korea to Japan and from there it took South East Asia by storm. It continues to spread from there, in fact-now BB creams are even starting to reach the shores of the USA, Europe and even Australia.

So many brands have started creating their own kinds of BB cream that so many variations became available in only the few short years that these products have been out. Even high end brands are starting to get into this game-brands like Clinique, Garnier, Estee Lauder and even the popular M.A.C.

Resulting BB Cream Craze
BB creams are praised for being the one-stop-shop of skin care and makeup because one of the BBC's can be moisturizing, sun protecting, anti-aging, skin brightening and even blemish healing. It can also help to conceal blemishes, cover spots and even out skin tone. Of course, it depends on the product's design and quality. So what are you waiting for? Try a BB cream soon!
It seem that now the BB cream craze is in full swing, especially with more and more new BB creams sprouting up on the market today. If you haven't tried BB creams yet in the past, then it might be a good idea for you to invest in one soon-especially because they are now the talk of the town.

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