Real Inner Beauty-Introducing Mindy Black

Don't you just love making new friends?

I had the pleasure recently of meeting a new friend, a kindred spirit.

Mindy Black is a Skin Care professional living and working in Florida. I live in California. Ours was a chance meeting, via Twitter (If you are on Twitter, do yourself a favor and follow MindyThe more we connect, the more I like her. She is truly passionate about her profession, her clients, and her life philosophies. 

After starting a career in the dental industry, Mindy made an interesting life change. Below are a few questions I asked Mindy to find out more.

Q: How long were you in the dental industry and why the leap into Skincare? 
A: I was in the dental field for 10 years. I got burnt out and was emotionally exhausted after years of "pink slip, after pink slip." Abuse, bullying, lots of long hours and for what.. them? SO, I knew I had to make a shift and a change. I knew I had a bigger, brighter, grander future ahead of me. I always enjoyed the skin care and fashion industries, but really had no idea what I wanted to do, or what my passion was- eventually I followed a desire and attended Florida College of Natural Health where I studied skin care and earned my esthetic license. 

Q: What do you find most rewarding with your current position?  
A: To be honest, it was about 2 years after owning Inner Beauty and practicing that I really grew into my role and passion. I had a hard time with the name and title "esthetician" in the beginning. I was so hard on myself and didn't accept myself in general, that I fought myself daily. The negative voices in my head were causing fear, and doubt. It was one day I realized I was so much more than a title. But, it was when a wise person said to me I was special and beautiful, and it was that day my whole perception finally shifted. I  finally acknowledged I was on track with a purpose. Someone finally got through to me and knocked some sense into me, and I thankfully could see the big picture, and the beauty in all this. I was the educator, a passionate entrepreneur that stood out, I was a special, unique, beautiful woman that had a lot to offer with a burning desire to help other women love themselves, and early on, at that.  GONE were the days of  guilt or blame for anything in my past. Most people let the past affect and define them. I was going to prove to myself that I was a confident woman, that could and would make a difference in my community and in the hearts of others. See, I CHOSE to look into the future, I chose to love! I now know that I am the educator, the "title" that people call on for answers, help, opinions, and treatments. I am that WOMAN that I desired to be. I am beaming inside knowing that I practice the most rewarding passion. I get to share my passion with others daily. Love thy self, be thankful, be grateful, make you a priority, and lead with integrity and always be genuine. I get to do what my heart wants me to do, help others smile. It is a choice, I don't allow negativity in my life, I run with people who run faster than me, and I am always up for a challenge. What isn't rewarding about this!?
I believe I chose the right path, I didn’t know it then, but I am confident today with my choice. I am the educator, the mentor, the role model.  I chose to accept my gifts! I am so grateful!

Can't you just feel her passion? This is why I wanted to feature Mindy at Go Inspire Beauty. She really cares about others and is using her gifts for GOOD! Mindy is a True Beauty.

Mindy uses and recommends all natural GM Collin skincare products, which I will feature here in the near future.

Mindy is known in her local community as a resource and people connector, and is an expert in her field. She is a beauty contributor on Ehow.com and her local affiliate Fox 35 Good Day showcasing Inner Beauty and her new program, The Fiesty Girl, which empowers young women to believe in the power of choice, the power of courage and the power of love and helps their Inner Beauty flourish! Way to go, Mindy!

Due to the distance between us,  I cannot send my current clients to Mindy for skin therapy. I can, however, recommend Mindy to all my readers.

To find out more about Mindy Black and Inner Beauty SkinCare. Inc, visit her website or book an appointment to meet Mindy in person.


  1. Mindy is my esthetician, not only is she a rockstar (totally changed my skin) but sweet, cheery, smart and FIESTY! Love her!

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      I am so glad you stopped by. Yes, She has a huge heart and she is very gifted. I am glad to know that you get the pleasure of seeing Mindy regularly. I am hoping this post helps spread the word!