Is Your Hairstyle Tired? 6 Reasons to Rock the Ponytail

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What is the appeal of the Ponytail?
We often think of little girls when we think of the ponytail hairstyle. But for girls of all ages, the ponytail is youthful and playful and fun. With that being said, can the ponytail really be considered a relevent hairstyle? I believe it can and here are 6 reasons why you should rock the ponytail.
  1. Youthful. Who wears ponytails better than children? And don't they look  adorable? Let's style by their example and rock the ponytail for a playful hairstyle solution.
  2. An instant lift. Pulling the hair up and back can help smooth those fine lines and give an overall lift to the face. Simple. And cheaper than surgery.
  3. Easy. The ponytail is a quick, go-to hairstyle. With little styling experience necessary, the style is easy to achieve.
  4. Practical. The ponytail can get hair up and out of the way in a jiffy.
  5. Sexy.  Ponytails can be sleek and chic and glamorous. Many men find women who style their hair in a ponytail sexy. True story.
  6. Multiple style options. Choose from side ponytails, high ponytails, low ponytails, two ponytails, and if you are feeling really playful (or just stuck in the 80s) the half-up, half-down, girlsjustwannahavefun style with ponytail on top.
Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Girls of all ages should rock the ponytail style once in a while. With so many great reasons and so many style options for short or long hair, there is a ponytail with your name on it.  If your hairstyle is feeling tired or outdated, perk it up! Give yourself a fresh, youthful look by rocking the ponytail.

Here are a few helpful hints for styling your ponytail:

For Fine Hair
Often, those with fine hair don't wear a ponytail because the hair is fine and slips out of the band too easily. To fix this, first tease or backcomb hair all over, especially at the root area. Then gently smooth hair back into holder, to add staying power and bulk to the hairstyle. Finally, use hairspray to set.

For Thick Hair
Those with thick hair often avoid wearing ponytails due to the weight of their hair. Either the ponytail won't stay up because of the weight, or excess strain on the hair can often lead to headaches or even hair breakage. To fix this, use two or even three sections of hair, pulled back and merge into one main ponytail. The separate sections will take the pressure off the one main ponytail, helping give the ponytail staying power, without all the headaches.
* Always tie hair back with something soft, like covered elastic, not rubber bands, to avoid unnecessary breakage.

Do you wear your hair in a ponytail? Is it for practical purposes or for style? Please leave a comment below and share your experience!

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