Key Benefits of Jojoba Oil

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When you are choosing what types of skin care products to use on your skin, it is important that you are mindful of specific ingredients that have enormous beneficial qualities such as jojoba oil. This oil is found from a perennial shrub located in parts of Mexico, Arizona and California. Using an organic skin care product that has jojoba oil as one of the key ingredients will leave your skin feeling renewed, refreshed and so much healthier. Listed below are some of the key benefits of jojoba oil.

Moisture Control
Skin too dry? What about too oily? A combination of both? Jojoba oil is very close to the oil that the skin naturally produces and thus does not conjure up excess oils to leave the skin looking and feeling greasy or too shiny. Instead this oil creates a thin moisture barrier that penetrates the skin and keeps it hydrated and soft.

Prevent Acne
So many people of various ages struggle with acne. While acne is often caused by stress and hormones, many times it can be perpetuated by the skin's over production of oil as well as other kinds of oils found in skin care products that clog pores and lead to break outs. Because jojoba oil is so similar to the oil that your skin naturally produces it acts as a balancing agent, which prevents your skin from getting too oily and breaking out.

Skin Renewal, Rejuvenation and Maintenance
We all have scars on our body that didn't necessarily heal the way we had hoped. Whether they are acne scar marks on your face, strength marks or even old scars you got when you were younger, jojoba oil lightens scars and other imperfections on your skin. It is also known to fight fine lines on the face by lowering epidermal water loss.

Both Dr. Hausckha products Quince Body Moisturizer and Rose Body Oil are excellent choices for organic skin care options with jojoba oil.

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