On Being A Redhead

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In bygone years, redheads were often branded as witches, or at least slandered as being promiscuous. To quote Anne of Green Gables: “People who haven’t red hair don’t know what trouble is.” And even innocent little Orphan Annie was always in trouble. What is it about redheads?

Redheads through the ages have been powerful images. Botticelli’s Venus, with her long flowing red hair is the epitome of feminine beauty.  The famous “face that launched a thousand ships”, that of Helen of Troy, was reportedly crowned with a beautiful mass of red hair. One of the most powerful and beautiful women in history was Emma, Lady Hamilton, the redhead who was not only the celebrated and flamboyant mistress of the British war hero Lord Horatio Nelson, but was the subject of twenty eight stunning portraits by artist George Romney.  Moving onwards in history, the Twentieth Century “It” girl, Clara Bow, was the number one film celebrity of the 1920’s.  The Brooklyn born Bow’s nickname as a child was: what else but “carrot top”.

Idols of both the big and small screen have prospered under a flaming mane, even if their careers were founded in their sexiness and/or comedic qualities. Ann-Margaret, flinging those gorgeous red locks around in “Viva Las Vegas”, and Lucille Ball, the queen of T.V comedy, were icons of the 50’s and 60’s. And still today, just one glance at Nicole Kidman with her ivory skin, blue eyes and strawberry locks brings up the question once more, what is it about redheads?

Well, first of all, red hair is a genetic rarity, as it only occurs in 1 to 2% of the human population. So, like precious gold, it is more valuable as a rare commodity. Redheads also have the reputation of being temperamental and even fiery, to match the tone of their hair.  This may only be a myth carried down through the ages, since in reality redheads are no more prone to any particular type of personality than people with other hair colors. The myth may have arisen, according to historians, since so many of the Celts, the brutal and savage warriors who populated the British Isles in early days of the Roman Empire, were frequently red headed.  (13% of Scots, 10% of Irish and 10% of Welsh have red hair.)

This fiery, warlike temperament was then considered to exist in all redheads. What has this got to do with the popularity of redheads? Contrary to logic, many men are attracted to women who have strong personalities, and the temperaments to match.  Perhaps this can be explained by their belief that if a woman is wild and uninhibited in her emotional life, that will exhibit itself in the bedroom as well.

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