Allu Ultimate Skin Therapy – A Product Review

The following is a product review for which I was compensated in product.

I have been using a Allu Ultimate Skin Therapy for about a month. Marketed as an Egyptian Secret to the Fountain of Youth, Allu includes ingredients such as Bitter Almond and Neroli oil, which can be used to improve skin elasticity and smooth wrinkles.

The Claim:
Dr. Bute's Promise: from the video on the website You'll never have to use any other skincare product because Allu will prove itself. -Dr. Bute

Allu claims it will rejuvenate, protect, and moisturize the skin, using the world's most powerful Egyptian skin therapy.

My Results:
I immediately recognized tightening of my skin after application. The product is rich, but not greasy.  It seems to absorb into the skin quickly, which is great. However, I had trouble when applying my makeup on over this product, as the Allu offers no slip whatsoever.

I experienced the appearance of brighter skin, smoothing of fine lines, and noticeably firmer skin. I also really liked the soft peach fragrance.

I did experience breakouts after a few days of using this product. It may be simply due to a change in my skincare routine, which is common.

The Presentation:
The box the product comes in is shaped like the pyramids, complete with what looks like hieroglyphics on the side. The packaging is beautiful and clever, but is not very user-friendly. The product is not easily dispensed, as I had to turn the pyramid upside down and bang the product out into my palm. It is not easy to control the amount dispensed, or get product from the bottom of the bottle. I would suggest a pump or some other type of dispensing on this bottle.

Overall, I really like the product offered by Allu. I like the product as a moisturizing element to an overall skincare regimen. While it did give me some results equal to its claims, it didn't deliver a complete miracle. After using the product for a month, I still have some signs of aging. (drats.) I would also like it if Allu had an entire system, rather than just one product.  I believe that the cleansing and exfoliating steps are as important as the moisturizer. Maybe those will be available in the future.

As of this post, Allu is offering a Free Trial of the product. Order yours and see for yourself if Allu has really found the secret to the Fountain of Youth!

Have you tried Allu? What were your results? Would you recommend it to a friend? Please leave a comment and share your experiences with Allu.

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