Does It ReallyWork? 5 Common Beauty Questions You've Probably Asked

My clients often asked common beauty questions. Most end with, Does it really work?
The top 5 are below. How many of these questions have you asked or heard?

  1. I heard I can use Preparation H as an eye cream. Does it really work?
  2. I read that I can use toothpaste to spot-treat my blemishes. Does it really work?
  3. I want to use that new foam haircolor I saw advertised.  Does it really work?
  4. Someone said I need to trim my hair to promote longer hair growth. Does it really work?
  5. I heard Vitamin E is the only moisturizer I need. Does it really work?

Before I answer these important beauty questions, I would love to hear what you have heard about these topics...PLEASE SHARE what you know in the comments.

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