Top Five Tips for Beauty on the Go

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Traveling can take a toll on your looks if you do not travel prepared. Particularly if you are in for a long flight or car drive, it is important for you to plan for every eventuality concerning your makeup and hairdo. Five simple tips to beauty on-the-go can help you look fresh en route to your destination and during the length of your stay.

Always Moisturize

Moisturizing is a key factor in any makeup regimen, but it is especially important during travel to destinations with unfamiliar climates. The night before travel and the morning of the trip, make sure to pamper your skin with a little moisturizer to prevent skin dehydration. This ensures that you look bright-eyed and bushy tailed when you arrive at your destination. Make sure to also apply lotion throughout your trip. If you are driving and your hands and arms are exposed to direct sunlight, lotion and sunscreen will be your best friends.

Go Naked

Before embarking on a plane, bus, or car ride, try not to slather on heavy makeup. Caked-on makeup can be uncomfortable during long trips, so try to avoid foundation if you can. If you must wear foundation, stick with something light and always apply primer first to avoid skin dehydration.

The same applies to lipstick, especially if you are traveling by plane when cabin pressure can dehydrate the color and your mouth. Instead of heavy lipstick, try a lightweight lip stain and freshen with gloss. This keeps you looking fresh without weighing down your face.

Shine with Shimmer

Adding a bit of loose powder shimmer during a trip can help you look fresh, even if you are suffering from jet lag. Dip your finger into the powder, sprinkling small amounts on the apples of your cheeks, your nose, and your lips. This gives the illusion that you have just applied your make up, giving you a clean look.

Mind Your Hair

Long trips can ruin a hairdo. Many people let their hair hang free during trips, but stepping out of a plane, bus, or car with not-so-lustrous locks can make the rest of you look messy. Consider putting your hair up in a pony tail before departure. Bring your favorite brush if you can in case of unruly hair regardless of preparation. A hat is also a good idea in a pinch.

Pack Lightly

If you are traveling by bus or plane, you may not have the luxury of taking all your beauty products with you. Instead, choose which ones you cannot live without and pack accordingly. Moisturizer, hand lotion, sunscreen, and lip stains are absolute musts and should be carried on if possible. Take only the eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, and foundations that you use regularly and leave the rest at home. Packing lightly is a key element in a successful trip.

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