3 Tips To Keep Your Hair Style Looking Fabulous All The Time

Have you heard the saying, consistency is key?

This is true even for hair. Who doesn't want consistently fabulous hair?

Once you achieve a look you love, you can keep that look by being consistent with its care. Yes, you have to plan for great hair. And if you stick to the plan, you will love your hair all the time!

Here are some simple tips to help you keep your look fresh and fabulous:
  1. Visit the same stylist every time. Once you find a Keeper, stick with him/her. The key to consistent cuts is to see the same stylist. Let them get to know your hair and your habits. When a stylist knows you, your hair type,  and your haircare regimen, it is easier to create a look that will fit you perfectly.
  2. Color touch-ups matter.  To maintain consistent color, touch-up whenever your regrowth (roots) is 1/2 an inch. If you wait much longer, color will be harder to match. (We will discuss this in more depth in another post.) Along with you planning touch-ups in a timely manner, your stylist plays an important role in consistent color. Does your stylist write down your formula for color? It's OK to ask your stylist what they are doing to your hair. It's YOUR hair, after all. You may not understand the chemistry behind the color, but at least you let your stylist know you are paying attention. Hold them accountable for consistency.
  3. Book your next hair appointment before you leave your salon. Do not postpone making your next appointment. Keep yourself accountable by pre-booking your future visits. This will also help keep you from trimming your own bangs (or worse) out of desperation. Ask your stylist when it would be best to return. To maintain your gorgeous look, stick to the schedule.
     As you can see, keeping the look you love takes a little planning, but it is not difficult. Follow these 3 tips to help ensure your hair style stays fabulous all the time!

    Image credit: iStockphoto 06-04-11 © Juanmonino

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