Sexy Beach Hair: How to Get It and Keep It Healthy

What makes those beachy waves so appealing?

Whatever the attraction, hair styled with sexy, beachy waves is a very desirable look. And there is more than one way to get the look!

Yes, you can go to the beach and catch the ocean breeze, let the salt air caress your skin and hair and create that sticky, textured look naturally...

Or you can grab a waver hot iron and acheive the look you want without ever touching your toes to the sand.

Or you can use a styling product to achieve that texture and feel of hanging at the beach. Try a texture spray to simulate beach hair.

d:fi beach bum texturizing spray 4.23 oz - $10.78

d:fi beach bum texturizing spray 4.23 oz for texture hold and volume Beach bum is a texturizing spray with long lasting flexible hold volume and matte finish. Sea Salt and Magnesium Sulfate provide volume while creating separation and definition for a sexy sun dried windswept look.

Biosilk Beach Texture 5.64 oz - $12.00

Biosilk Beach Texture 5.64 oz An ideal spray styling tool that contains natural silk vitamins herbs and texturizing salts to create natural looking beach waves with volume body texture and ideal movement. Biosilk Beach Texture is a spray that contains natural silk vitamins herbs and texturizing salts to create natural looking beach waves with volume body texture and ideal movement. All the tousled sexiness of beach hair minus the dryness thanks to silk extract and panthenol along with a small dose of texturizing Dead Sea salt. Look like you have just come back from a long relaxing day at the beach with Biosilk Beach Texture.

Whether you are achieving your beach waved look naturally, enhanced with styling product, or with the help of a hot styling tool, you MUST keep your hair healthy with the help of professional hair care products. Here are my recommendations:

For Styling with Hot Tools- Use a heat protector, such as Redken's Hot Sets 22 Thermal Styling Mist. Spray it on as you use your hot tools for extra protection.

For Styling the Natural Way-Use Redken's Color Extend Sun line, especially the Solar Screen SPF12, to counter those nasty UVA and UVB rays and minimize the damage to your lovely locks.

Finally, Use Redken's CAT Reconstructor once a week to help rebuild bonds, counter the UV or heat styling damage, and repair splits. Your hair will be healthier and love you for it!

So get those sexy beachy waves, either by visiting the coast or by using your favorite hot tool. But which ever method you choose, make sure to take care to protect and condition for the most gorgeous summertime hair ever!


  1. Hi GV,
    Thank you for reading the tips. Proper care will keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Cheers!

  2. Right after exposure to salt water, hair seems sticky tangled. Do I immediately need to wash with fresh water as soon as I reach the cottage?

  3. Hi FBC,
    Thanks for stopping by!
    I tend to like the texture that salt air and salt water give my hair. I don't find it necessary to shampoo immediately for that reason. (unlike swimming in a chlorinated pool) However, if you have color treated hair, salt will tend to fade the color, so it is important to use a good clarifying shampoo designed to remove elements, such as salt, from the hair. I recommend Tressa's Remove All shampoo, available in Salons only. It has a gentle chelating effect and a blueing agent to brighten blondes.