High School Prom Updos and Hairstyles

Do you remember your prom? Remember planning what to wear, where to have dinner, and how to wear your hair?

I have vague (cough, cough) memories of mine. Picture the lavender taffeta tea-length dress, complete with hoop skirt and dyed-to-match lavender pumps. I was a walking fashion statement.  ( I promise to look for a picture to post at a later date. wink. wink.)

After planning for my dress, shoes, and yes, even lavender fingernails, I didn't leave much time to plan my hair. I remember having my hair done up, but those pinned-up curls came down before pictures were even taken.

It's a good thing girls today are much more fashion conscious and generally much better at planning ahead for these events.

This past Saturday, a local High School Prom was held. I had the pleasure of helping some young girls get ready for their special night. Bobby Pins flew and  hairspray was wafting through the air. We curled, we teased, we embellished.

The following pictures are from the Updo-Fest that happened at Hair Galleria this past weekend. Lots of waves and loose curls were inspired by an early 20th century theme, with additional inspiration from a few celebrities.

The young ladies all looked fabulous and I would like to thank them for posing for these shots taken with my iPhone camera. I admit, these images could have better portrayed the hair design work, but really, who has time for a real photo shoot when the limo is waiting?

Style by Maudi

Style by Maudi

Below: Three different views of one style I created using undulating waves pulled back into a side-swept loose curl style.
Back View

Left Back View 
Left Side View
Thanks for the fun, ladies. I hope you all enjoyed your Prom!

Want to see more styles? Check out my hair gallery on Pinterest!

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