Fabulous Bridal Hairstyles

Getting Married?

With all the planning for flowers and cake and guest lists, you may not have time to think about putting on your best look for your big day. In a previous post, I covered tips for alleviating stress on your big day. One of those tips covers the bridal hairstyle.

Here is an easy way to put together the very best look for your wedding day hair. Wig.com stylists have predicted the hottest bridal looks for the upcoming wedding season.  Believe it or not, hairpieces and wigs are used by many, including celebrities, to achieve the desired look. Just check out these looks using hairpieces from Wig.com.

Awestruck Stretch-A-Comb
The Top Knot
Wavy Clip-On

Floral Accessory
 Expect to see floral pins, clips and barrettes adorning the tresses of spring brides.

Remember that planning your wedding day look, including your hairstyle, is just as important as the cake or the flowers. Get together with your stylist to plan your perfect look. Talk about your options, including hairpieces and accessories. All the styles you see here can be achieved from products available on Wig.com. Planning ahead will help you have fun, look fabulous, and enjoy your special day!

Want to win a floral hairpin accessory? 

Help a future bride with your best beauty tip and you could win! Or, if you are a future bride, leave your bridal beauty question. I will choose several winners from everyone who leaves a hairstyle tip, idea, or question in the comments under this post between now and April 30, 2011. 
Prize courtesy of Wig.com .


  1. My friend who has extensions now because of her recent cancer and upcoming wedding wanted to buy a pin but since she has never used extensions was wondering if one has to be extra careful in place such items in the hair any ideas would be helpful!

  2. Hello Famwkidz,
    Thank you for your comments. Yes, extensions can sometimes take special care. Most stylists will tell their extension clients to treat them as their own hair. Clips and hairpins are usually fine, as long as they don't put undo tension or pull on the hair.

    Since you commented here, you may just win one of these cute hairpins to try. Make sure to check back on May 1 when I post the winner.