Alleviate Prenuptial Stress With These Tips for the Bride

Becoming a bride can be both glorious and stressful.
Along with accepting that engagement ring comes the task of planning of the wedding. Planning an event of this magnitude can be fun, but all too often it leads to anxiety and sleepless nights.

Here are a few tips that a bride often overlooks. These tips should help make the Wedding Day much more enjoyable.

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  • The Hair - Plan your hair like you plan the cake or flowers. Visit your stylist soon after you become engaged to set a plan for your hairstyle. It doesn't matter if you don't have your hairpiece or veil yet, just set a timeline. This is especially important if you color or perm your hair. Start at the wedding day and move backwards, setting appointments for a trial upstyling and color touch-ups at the proper times.  This will ensure your most perfect hair on your wedding day. If you can't decide on a hairstyle, think about a hairpiece or wig. You can incorporate it into your wedding day style or just use it to decide how to wear your hair. Click on the link under the image above to see more hairpiece ideas.                                                      
  • The Makeup - Just as a trial hairstyle is important, trying on your wedding day makeup will prove a valuable time saver on your big day. Make sure you plan a practice makeup application. Then, pack a bag of back-up makeup. Even if you have your makeup applied by a professional, duplicate your wedding day makeup, but put it in a separate bag. Keep it separate from your stuff, just in case you misplace the originals. Along with the usual makeup, remember to pack other beauty items, such as a nail file, clear nail polish, and personal breath mints for those little emergencies.                                                                                                             
  • The Dress - You may have been dreaming of this day since childhood. Finding that perfect dress is so important. You have to look like a princess on your special day, after all. Remember that your perfect dress doesn't have to cost you a fortune. There are many discount Bridal Gown shops that offer designer dresses for less. You could also consider renting your gown, as many Brides have done. This will save you the additional expense of cleaning and storing your gown after the wedding. And then, there is the shoe. Don't discount the importance of your shoes. Trust me when I say that those strappy, sparkly 6 inch heals are sexy, but impractical. Your feet will thank you for making a more sensible choice. Consider choosing a comfortable alternative, like Tom's Shoes for Brides. I love that they have created a line just for Brides.(and Grooms, too) Not only are they comfy and festive, but Tom's practices a One for One, giving a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased.  By choosing Tom's Shoes, you will make a shoeless child happy and your feet will be happy too!
These tips for Hair, Makeup, and Dress should help alleviate much of the stress involved with planning the wedding day. Can you think of more tips for the big day that you could add to this list? Please share by adding a comment below.

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