Ask the Beauty School Instructor

The beauty industry has so many career choices, including becoming a beauty school instructor.  Instructors have the power to inspire and influence beauty school students in a positive way, leading to successful careers in the beauty industry. The beauty school instructor plays a very important role in the future of the industry.

The following is an interview with Beauty School Instructor, Josephine Pizzaro.

Why are you an instructor in a beauty school? 
To give back to the industry that gave so much. I was also after many years of behind the chair looking for a new challenge and teaching provides this for me without changing industries.

Do you work in a salon, as well? 

No but that is just a preference of mine. Schools (good Schools) provide continuing education for their instructors. I am and will always be first and foremost a Licensed Stylist so I keep up on trends and new techniques myself.

How long does beauty school take? 

It depends on your state requirements any where form 1000 hrs to 2400 hrs.

How much money can I make as a hairstylist? 

Geographic’s play a lot into this; I would suggest looking at your state labor statistics or the leading Accrediting entity NACCAS  (www.naccas.org) they have an extensive study on their site.

As an instructor? 

Same as above.

What makes your school better than another, like a Paul Mitchell or a Vidal Sasoon? 

Long Island Beauty Schools and Hair Design Institutes are not married to any one discipline or product line. Our students learn multiple of both and for that reason we feel our students get true exposure and real life experiences without an agenda of selling a particular product line. Teaching to one product also limits the graduate’s chances of gaining employment which is our biggest concern. Our owners Anthony Civitano and Sal Pappacoda are entrenched in the industry and tirelessly work to better the education and overall experience of attending their schools.

What subjects do you offer at your school? 

Hairdressing Cosmetology, Nail technology, skincare and makeup. Florida will soon have massage as well.

Does your school offer job placement assistance? 

Lifetime job placement assistance as well as financial aid to those who qualify.

Josephine is an instructor at a
 beauty school  that has branches in New York and Florida where students can learn about hairdressing, cosmetology, nails and waxing. She also works on the school's beauty blog  which posts topics on the latest trends and techniques in hair and beauty.

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