3 Reasons to Consider the Shag

When was the last time you heard the term Shag?

Long Shag Hairstyle on
Blown Out Curly Hair
The Shag was a very popular hairstyle from the 70s. Both guys and gals alike wanted those layers. Remember that dream-boat, Keith Partridge? He wore the Shag very well on his straight hair.  Farrah also had a Shag style, but she had those great waves in her hair.  There are lots of examples of Shags on the web.

There are differences of opinions on what makes a Shag a Shag. Also called the Gypsy cut,  the Shag is a style where the hair is heavily layered, with the shortest layers near the crown, graduating to  longer layers toward the bottom.

Although todays styles lean towards longer softer finish, the Shag is very relevant for today. Here are 3 reasons to consider layering your hair in the Shag style:

1. Layers lighten the weight of the hair
Anytime layers are created in the hair, the hair becomes naturally lighter. Even fine haired clients can benefit from a shag style, as long as the stylist takes care to add layers that create volume instead of a thinner look.

2. Layers give the hair movement
For many, there is wave underneath all that hair. Layers are a way to release all that wave, or even curl, and make the hair dance. (and who doesn't want dancing hair?) Even straight hair will benefit from layers, if styled correctly. (with a round brush, curling iron, or other hot tools) If you are someone with straight hair who just can't spend the extra time on your hair,  you may want to reconsider excessive layers. Consult your stylist to help you decide what is best for your hair type.

3. Layers give you more options for styling
Whether wearing your hair up or down, adding layers will allow you to create different looks from the same style. Straighten or flat iron the hair forward for a piecey, separated look. Curl the hair and the new layers add tons of volume to your look. If you are the type who just pulls the hair back every day, your  new layers will create a cascade effect.

If you are considering a new look, consider the Shag. Get together with your Stylist and discuss your options, your hair type, and your lifestyle. Remember to take into consideration the texture of your hair and how much time you are willing to give to your style each day. If you want to see what you will look like before making your decision, try the Hairstyler, where you can upload your own photo and try on colors and styles or View Yourself in Over 8,000 Hairstyles!

Have you ever had a Shag? When? Was it easy to style?
Please share your Shag experience with others in the comment section below.

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  1. I had long and short shags from the early 70's on. I tried other hair styles on rare occasions but always went back to the shag. I love the way my hair bounced and moved. It was low maintenance, just get it re-layered when the top layers got too long and it lost it's fluff. It added volume to my fine hair. It also allowed me to have long hair without it being annoying, just have the layers cut so they didn't get in your face when you looked down to play guitar, drink from a fountain, etc.

    1. Hello Photoppet,
      Thank you for stopping by! Yes, it seems that the great styles come back around time and time again. It is nice that layered cuts can be so versitile, too! I agree, a shag cut creates a very low maintenance style. Have a great hair day!