Why Your Moisturizer May Not Be Effective

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Do you spend time each day applying moisturizer to your skin, only to feel like you are still dry?

Applying moisture to the surface of the skin is only half the battle. You also need to prepare the skin to receive that moisture. This rule applies to both the face and the body.

"Well, how do I do that?," you ask?

The answer is simple: Exfoliate.

Dry, dull, dead skin cells sit on the top layer of your skin until you slough them off. If you moisturize without exfoliating, it is sort of  like watering a shriveled-up, dried-out plant...pretty pointless. Eventually, that dull skin will leave you, on it's own, and take that moisture with it.

However, if you remove that layer of dulling debris with an exfoliant prior to moisturizing, your skin will be more receptive.  It will gladly drink in the moisture, thus softening, smoothing, and nourishing the skin effectively.

There are daily exfoliants that are gentle, yet effective on most skin types. One of my favorites for the face, neck, and decollate (chest) is Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant.
Daily Microfoliant (2.6 oz.)

The reasons I like Daily Microfiliant: It prepares my skin to receive moisture and it leaves my skin instantly smoother and brighter, too!

Do you exfoliate? Do you think it makes a difference with your moisturizer? Please share your experience in the comments box below.

And as always, the disclaimer: 

My statements about products mentioned in this post are only in my opinion and should be treated as such. This post does not replace personal, professional salon/client analysis. To ensure you are using the correct product for your skin type and for best results, please seek the advice of your salon professional before starting any new product regimen. Also, I may be compensated, if you decide to purchase a product linked in this post.

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